Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Complete and Total Randomness

So the purging/donating has continued and I have made some great progress at shedding a whole lot of stuff that does not fit my life in more ways than one. Score one for me!

Amanda Knox was released from prison this week. I think that was the right decision. I find it sad that she will never again be able to enjoy Olive Garden without suffering from PTSD. I don't get why people called her "Foxy Knoxy." She's not ugly, but I'm not seeing the "foxy" thing either. She seems like a regular girl to me in terms of looks. Not ugly, not foxy. Just normal.

This evening, I was lying in bed getting ready for a short nap and it hit me just how hard it is when you really miss someone, but can't see them for awhile. I hate that feeling.

I always think it's really weird on TV shows and such when women whose husbands are cheating on them confront the mistress and/or kill the other woman (see Murder, She Wrote; several episodes of Snapped, etc.). Really? The other woman is not your problem ladies, your problem is the cheating husband. If you're going to kill someone, kill him. LOL!

I don't understand people on Facebook who have to turn a joke post into something serious. For example, I once posted something making fun of customers who are dumb and said something like "My friends who work in customer service will appreciate this." And someone came along and posted a huge missive about how customer service people can sometimes suck too, etc. Geeze people, just let the joke be a joke and move on, OK?

On the same note, I don't understand people who must post on Facebook on topics where their opinion is not wanted or necessary. The example here would be someone who is posting a Christian verse and one of their atheist friends comes along and starts to argue the merits of said verse. 

This works in reverse as well. It's not necessary for Christian friends (or insert whatever belief system, opinion, etc. here) to try and convince atheists that they are wrong for their beliefs. The Christian verse and/or atheist discussion does not need to be infiltrated by those who disagree. Let your friends have their belief systems (or non-belief systems) or whatever. It's really OK for someone to think differently than you do and it is really OK not to comment on it. People seem to have this desperate need to defend their beliefs even when it isn't necessary or warranted. Get some self-esteem, be OK with believing in your own stuff and MOVE ON!

That's it for now.


jillypumpkin said...

that's so true! people take facebook WAY to seriously. I almost quit a few times because I couldn't stand seeing all the drama posts. but then, I realized I can delete friends. haha!

Legally Lovely said...

Facebook has been the cause of so much drama these past few weeks. It would be a good reminder for everyone who has nothing nice to say to say nothing at all. Seems like there's always an outspoken law student who posts about a controversial topic and then there's 150 comments. So crazy.

And, I'm glad Amanda Knox is free too. I cannot imagine how happy she must feel at being back home. I read somewhere that she is supposed to make MILLIONS in books/interviews, etc of her experience. I don't know how I feel about that, but maybe it will offset some of her pain at probably never eating Italian food again. ; )

Lawfrog said...

@Jilly - The ability to delete friends on Facebook is SO helpful!

@Legally Lovely - I have no problem with Amanda making millions off books or interviews because her family owes millions in legal fees. They drained their retirement accounts and took out second mortgages on their homes. Her grandmother took out a $250,000 loan to help pay the bills. They need to recoup that money somehow if possible.

The controversial Facebook posting thing does get out of hand frequently. It is amazing to me how people will come on and start posting about things that they don't need to say anything about, let alone argue about. It's irritating. Saying nothing gets a bad rap, it needs to happen more often.

The Hurricane said...

Facebook is really an example of how people take simple things in life way to hard. I work in customer service, (Lord, help me!) and we have a SELF SERVICE payment kiosk at the back of the store. When customers come in, they nearly fall out in shakes when I tell that them they can make their own payments! They get so upset and swear they don't know how to use it! Facebook recently made some changes to its layout, and people are all up in arms about that too! Woosahh! Just chill and live your lives, people!

Amie said...

Foxy Knoxy was her nickname in high school soccer because she ran fast like a fox. When the Italian press / police / prosecutors decided that she was in a sex-fueled crime of passion, it caught on and became further "proof" that she's a wanton harlot. Or something. I'm thrilled that she's out.

Karen Peterson said...

I don't know if Amanda Knox is guilty or innocent, but I do think letting her go was the right decision. The fact that NO ONE really knows if she did it shows that they had no reason to keep her in prison.

And yes! Facebook drama queens drive me nuts! Why does everything have to be so dang serious? Why can't jokes just be funny?

At the same time, why do serious things have to be turned into jokes so fast? Steve Jobs had been dead less than 4 hours before the iCloud jokes started. Really, people?

Lawfrog said...

@Amie - Thanks for the explanation re: Foxy Knoxy. I was bothered by the press turning her into some wanton sex harlot. I really think the prosecution's explanation of this crime was just bizarre and I firmly believe that Rudy Guede is the killer considering his DNA was found all over the crime scene including underneath the fingernails of the victim.

@Karen - I agree about Facebook jokes and, as you said, it works both ways. Some things need to be taken as jokes and some things need to be taken seriously. The passing of Steve Jobs is a very sad thing, the death of amazing innovators always is.

@The Hurricane - I love self service payment kiosks! In fact, I use those more than regular checkout lines whenever possible. I don't know why people get freaked out about those. If they want to stand in the checkout line, they can do so, but the self service checkouts are generally faster especially if you only have a few items and they are not difficult to use at all.

Thank, Q said...

Ok, the Olive Garden joke cracked me up big time. LOL! I just posted last night about people who get offended by simple statements that don't fit their opinions. If someone says something in which you don't agree, then it's okay to just not say anything. Why someone would post something to start an argument is crazy!

S.I.F. said...

There is a reason I keep my facebook friends so limited - people you love in real life will drive you nuts on Facebook in no time!

jillypumpkin said...

liberating to delete, too ;p

Maria said...

We are going to have to agree to disagree on the Knox case. Bing is writing a law paper on it and we are hip deep in facts.

I'm coming up with a totally different opinion that yours....

As for Facebook, you couldn't pay me to go on there. I am already way too busy with blogville. If I did facebook too...I'd have to give up reading to give time to it and I can't do that!

Two of my sisters actually got into a "facebook" fight for awhile about one sister's opinion on teachers who give too much homework and another sister (who is a teacher) who jumped in and took her on. It amazed me how MAD they were at each other!