Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cozumel - Day 3: Scuba Girl

Today, Dad and I rose bright and early to have breakfast at 7 a.m. After breakfast, we headed upstairs to suit up for the morning of diving we had planned. Wet suits and gear ready, we headed downstairs to the dive shop where we waited for the dive master and boat crew to arrive. I laid in the hammock on the beach for a few minutes, which was very relaxing.

Once the crew arrived, things kicked into high gear and we got on the boat along with 9 other people who were also diving. We rode in the boat out to the dive site. The ride took a long time and I closed my eyes, feeling the breeze, and enjoying the moment. Finally, we were at the dive site. I am completing my scuba diving certification so the dive master gave me instructions for the two tests I would need to do in the water and then it was time to go under the waves! 

We began descending. This is not my favorite part of the dive because it is incredibly painful for me. My ears have a hard time with the pressure and the pain is incredible. It literally makes me want to cry. That lasts for about a minute or so and then my ears equalize and I am OK. I got through the pain and completed my two training exercises. Then, it was time to just enjoy the dive. Dad and I took some pictures with a disposable underwater camera. I will get those developed when I return to Houston. We are hoping they come out well because we took some fun shots. We were about 60 feet down. It is so neat to be under the water, looking at the fish, seeing the coral and the life within the ocean. We saw a turtle floating and it was an amazing site!

After that dive, we headed back to the boat. I rubbed my eye to get the water out of my face and my contact lens popped out of my eye. I put it back in right there in the water. It's a talent, what can I say? LOL! I got on the boat and we collected the other divers and then headed to our second dive sight. I spent a good portion of that ride talking to a woman from Yakima, Washington. Since I am originally from Oregon, I always like to chat with the Pacific Northwesterners. There was also a guy on the boat who was from Eugene, Oregon, home to University of Oregon, my alma mater. You just never know who you're going to meet in foreign countries!

At the second dive site, I put on my BCD and it kept inflating and deflating on its own. Very mysterious. It was squeezing the life out of me on the boat. Once I was in the water, it was no problem. Not sure what was going on there as that should not happen. Anyway, the second dive was all about enjoying the scenery because I was done with my training tasks. It was a fun dive with more interesting ocean life to view.

The second dive was the last one of the day. Dad and I were dropped off at our hotel dock and we rinsed our equipment then headed to our rooms for much needed showers and a small nap. We then headed out to Casa Denis, where the best fajitas in the world are served! Dinner was excellent. We walked around the town square, did a little shopping, and then headed to a wonderful little ice cream shop. We went back to the square from there and enjoyed the Sunday night festival the town holds. Some nice music was playing and a gentle breeze was blowing. The perfect ending to a perfect day! Now back at the hotel and getting ready for tomorrow, which will include the scuba diving test I have to take and swimming with the dolphins! 

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