Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cozumel - Day 5: An Absolute Wreck

Dad and I were up early this morning so we could get a good breakfast in before we headed out to dive this afternoon. After breakfast, we came back to our rooms. I took a nap and then got ready to go under the sea!

We headed out on the boat to the first dive site, which was a ship wreck at about 70 feet down. I have a very hard time with equalization and it is extraordinarily painful for me during the initial descent so I went slow this time and just kept telling myself that it would stop hurting. And it did. 

In order to help me in my descent, the dive master had me grab on to a rope that was tied to the ship so I could inch my way down while still equalizing my ears. I got to where I wanted to be and let go of the rope, at the same time feeling a stinging sensation in my left hand. Something had caused an allergic reaction on my hand and a couple of welts appeared almost immediately. It was no problem though, I continued on with the dive and now, several hours later, the welts have disappeared.

The ship was very interesting! Dad and I explored the outside and then headed inside to see the different compartments. It was really fascinating. We saw a couple of huge crabs on this dive as well as some eels and other general sea life. 

After that dive, we headed back to the boat and to the dock at our hotel where we took a 15-minute break. We then headed out to the second dive site, which was just a short ride from our hotel dock. This was amazing because it was full of colorful sea sponges and fish. I really enjoyed it after once again going through the tremendous pain of equalization.

We finished up the dive and headed back to our hotel where we showered and changed clothes then grabbed some dinner at the hotel restaurant and just relaxed. I had filet mignon, which they served to me without cooking it in the middle so I had to send it back. That was OK though because once it was properly cooked, it was delicious! It was the largest filet mignon I have ever seen so I got a good meal. Plus, I had a banana split for dinner. This was a rather decadent food evening for me.

Dad and I will head out tomorrow to Chankanaab Park, where we will relax and explore the park, take some pictures, and do some shopping. It's our last day on the island so we are making it an easy one.


Legally Lovely said...

So cool! I hate that you're having trouble with your ears, but hopefully that rope trick worked out a little better for you. I think it's incredibly brave that you dive; I don't know if I could spend too long in a mask while being underwater. I'm glad you have a great time doing it and are so fearless!

Keep having fun!

Thank, Q said...

I can imagine that this was a very cool experience, but I just couldn't do anything like this. LOL! I know The Mrs. would eventually talk me into it, but just getting into the ocean is scary for me. Diving into a ship would probably result in a heart attack or stroke and an underwater funeral. LOL!

Lawfrog said...

@LegallyLovely: Thanks! You could definitely do it, it takes some getting used to, but it's an incredible experience once you get used to being in a wet suit and using the mask and regulator to breath.

@Thank, Q: LOL! Well, I guess the underwater funeral would be cheaper than the land version so many of us go with:) If ever you think you want to try it, take a "Discover Scuba" class. It will ease you into it. That is what I did.