Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cozumel - Day 1/2: Arrival

Hello from Cozumel, Mexico! Dad and I arrived here on Friday morning. We settled in our rooms and then headed to the dive shop (Babieca Dive Center) at the El Cid, where we always stay. We got my scuba diving certification class scheduled and Dad's Nitrox class scheduled and then we headed to the hotel restaurant for a leisurely lunch. We spent the rest of the day/evening at the hotel just hanging out and reading our manuals for our classes.

We started the day early with breakfast at 7 a.m. We hung around and chatted until 8:30 or so and then I got ready for my first scuba diving class at 9. I was the only student in the class and I learned about the equipment and how to make sure it's put together and in working order. Then, we moved to the swimming pool to practice some of the things I needed to know. I had a hard time clearing my mask and took in a lot of chlorine as well as did a lot of coughing. But, the instructor was patient and I finally got the hang of it. 

We then moved to the ocean. Cozumel water is so incredibly beautiful, it's a blue color that I cannot do justice to with words. I practiced some of the things I had learned in the pool and swam around looking at stuff. It was interesting and fun! Dad showed up and we sat with the instructor on the beach and learned to use the dive tables. Then Dad did a shore dive while I snorkeled.

After that, we took a walk into town and had Subway sandwiches. We walked back to our hotel from town. The walk to/from town took about 35-40 minutes each way. It was a nice walk with a cool breeze blowing. Dad and I chatted about this and that. Upon our return to the hotel, we had a fruit plate for dessert in the hotel restaurant. The fruit plates are AMAZING! They have all kinds of different fruit - banana, watermelon, mango, plums and they come with a scoop of lime sherbet ice cream. A perfect after dinner treat. 

We headed up to our rooms and Dad hung out with me for awhile looking at different things on the computer. Then the chocolate lady showed up. This woman works for the hotel and delivers chocolate around 7 p.m. every night. Yesterday, it was Hershey's Almond Kisses. Tonight it was not chocolate, but rather peanut butter circles. They were good, but when you're expecting chocolate, it's a disappointment not to get it. SO...we headed to the hotel shop and bought some chocolate. There's just no substitute people!

Tomorrow, Dad and I will continue with our classes in the morning and will go out on two deeper dives. We will likely be diving about 60 feet. My ears really, really dislike the water pressure. It's extraordinarily painful, but I keep working at equalizing and of course, that helps.

More reports from the vacation front tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!


Legally Lovely said...

Ohhhh, this sounds like such a blast! Glad your scuba lessons are going well - I bet the mask thing would be tricky. I hope your weather is amazing and you continue having fun!

Lawfrog said...

@LegallyLovely: Thanks! It was a blast and so much fun! I am back home in Houston now, arrived today and am already missing Cozumel. I finally did get the mask thing down, which was really helpful!