Monday, February 13, 2012

Friends of Cozumel

FRIDAY: On Friday, we had reef and wreck dives scheduled. We started with Palancar Bricks, which was beautiful. There were several beautiful coral formations and fish. We also got to swim through a small cave area of sorts. It was very interesting.

Our second dive site was the C-53 Ship. This was Dad's third trip to the C-53 and my second. Despite having been there before, it was a lot of fun because you always notice something new when you are diving the ship. I saw a sting ray on the ocean floor and beautiful fish. Dad and I took some photos at the ship and I will have them developed this week. I will share them if they are good quality.

These were our last dives of the day and we decided to walk into town to the Subway for lunch. We wanted something light and easy. We had lunch and then I did some souvenir shopping for friends. Dad and I took a taxi back to the hotel and got some rest, then headed to the hotel restaurant to eat. We decided that Saturday would be a day for sleeping in and then jet skiing in the afternoon. We booked the jet ski excursion and had an early night. It was nice to just relax and sleep in on Saturday morning.

SATURDAY: Our last full day in Cozumel. We slept in, had some breakfast, and headed via taxi to the jet ski site. This was a rather interesting situation because we had to wait for a jet ski (which was fine since we were early), but once we got a jet ski, it did not start. The second one they gave us did not have enough gas. The third time seemed to be the charm and we were off! I was driving and Dad was doing his usual back ski driving. One of the jet ski employees came up to us in the water and motioned for us to stop. Seems he forgot his walkie-talkie in the storage compartment of our jet ski. We gave that back to him and once again, we were off.

Neither Dad nor I had ever been on a jet ski. He didn't care if I drove, but it was hard to get the hang of it. I dumped us in the water, or "the drink" as Dad called it, once and we crawled back up on the jet ski. I was doing better driving after that, but then I hit a wave and dumped us in the drink again. This time, I lost one of my contact lenses in the water and Dad lost his prescription sunglasses in the water. Neither of those was a big loss since my contacts are disposable and were long past needing to be replaced. Dad's sunglasses needed to be replaced as well and he had been talking about doing just that for a couple of months. I like to think I helped speed up that process. LOL! 

Anyway, Dad was good about it, but I left him in the water to swim to the jet ski, which had floated away. It was ROUGH swimming to the jet ski. The current was not incredibly strong, but it was strong enough that it was a hard swim. I will not be completing a triathlon anytime soon, that much is certain! I made it to the jet ski, got back on it and picked up Dad. He decided he was done with the jet skiing so I dropped him off at the shore and continued with the jet skiing. I got the hang of it and it was SO much fun! I was speeding along in the water, bumping over the waves, and just having the best time! Finally, I pulled up to the shore and Dad and I gathered our stuff, washed the sand from our feet, and got in the taxi to return to the hotel.

We took showers and got ready for dinner. We were going to walk into town, but we both decided we were tired and just wanted to relax for the last evening in Cozumel. We took a taxi to Guido's and sat in the garden area. We had one of the best meals either of us had ever eaten!! I had the spaghetti and Dad had the pork chop. I ordered garlic beard and we both had salads. All of the food was beyond delicious! Guido's has a great reputation in Cozumel and I had been wanting to try it for quite awhile. I'm glad I got the chance.

We returned to the hotel after the great meal to relax and get ready to leave the next day. Sunday was a day of travel. We were at the airport around 11 to wait for the flights home. After I checked my bag and went through security, I found that I would not be allowed to take two small candles with me that I had purchased. I went back to the agent and asked if I could put them in my checked baggage. They said no since the bag had already gone to the cart to be loaded on the plane. 

So, I found a nice looking middle-aged man named Larry and asked if he was going to Houston. He said yes, he would be going through Houston. He very nicely agreed to put my candles in the bag he would be checking. I assured him I was not a drug runner. Later, before boarding the plane, I sat next to him and chatted for a few minutes. It turns out that his wife lives in Cozumel and he lives in Iowa. He will retire in two years and then work full-time for the charity that he and his wife founded to assist the poor in Cozumel. These people are huge givers so if you're looking for a charity to give to, check theirs out: Friends of Cozumel.

My friend picked me up in Houston and we had dinner before I returned home to get a good night's sleep and relax. I decided to take today (Monday) as a day to get things done, do my laundry, and so on. Basically to "recover" from vacation and get back into the swing of things. I can't wait for the next trip!


Legally Lovely said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm glad you found someone nice enough to pack your candles for you. I've never been to Cozumel before, but it sounds like paradise!

Karen Peterson said...

Jet skiing sounds like a lot of fun, but my brother was in an accident once (everyone was totally fine) that just scared me away from trying it. One day I will, though.