Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Virgin and Me in Cozumel

Today, I set out on a solo adventure while my Dad was diving. I decided on a Segway and Snorkeling tour. The tour company picked me up at my hotel and I headed off to the Segway practice lot with a bunch of people from the cruise ship that had docked this morning.

It was a fun group and we quickly arrived at the first stop, which was the parking lot of Discover Mexico museum. We had an introduction to riding the Segways and then we got to practice in the lot. I LOVE IT! I must get a Segway ASAP! Of course, the price tag of several thousand dollars is somewhat prohibitive, but I am sure I have that lying around somewhere. Perhaps under the couch where all the spare change seems to reside.

We rode the Segways to a beach area where we could snorkel, swim, or just lay in the lounge chairs and relax. I chose to lay in the chair and relax. I have been snorkeling before and I enjoy it, but I am going scuba diving tomorrow so I figured this would be a good time to just soak up a little sun and have some quiet time by the water. I purchased a virgin margarita (hence the virgin in the title - get your minds out of the gutter) and laid down to relax. I took a little nap and woke up with a sunburn on my face, my lower arms, and my neck. Not a surprise. The sun only has to rise a small bit over the horizon before it hones in on my fair skin and burns me like steak tar tar. Oh well, a small price to pay!

After around 1.5 hours at the beach, we all got on our Segways and made our way back to the parking lot. We were riding caravan style so one long line of people. We had about 15 in our group. The guy behind me ended up going a little fast and bumping into me because he couldn't stop. He fell off, but managed to stay upright. Neither of us was the worse for the wear and we continued on.

We made it back to the parking lot and headed home on the open-air bus that the guide referred to as the Mexican Limousine. Back at the hotel, I took a shower and a nap to recover from all that relaxation at the beach. Sloth can be an exhausting trait.

My Dad returned from his diving adventure and we headed into town on foot to eat at Coconuts. Unfortunately, we discovered that what we thought was Coconuts was actually a place called Jeanie's. So, we got out the map and found that Coconuts was located in another area entirely. We were hungry so Jeanie's served as a fine substitute for Coconuts and ended up being really good!

After that, we headed to the Mega, which is similar to a Super Walmart or HEB Plus at home. We picked up some water and snacks and grabbed a taxi back to the hotel where I am now updating my blog and listening to the bad karaoke downstairs. Tomorrow, we dive!


Karen Peterson said...

I've never been on a Segway. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm pretty sure I would end up in a full body cast.

Lawfrog said...

Karen, it's actually super easy! It looks difficult, but it's not at all!

Thank, Q said...

I've always feared that I'd either fall off of a segway or drive it through a wall. But, I will try one some day and see what it can do on the freeway. :)

Your trip sounds awesome! If I ever get to Mexico, I'm totally emailing you to help me plan my activities.