Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Evil Under the Sun...and some juice!

This is one of my random blogs where I share thoughts, ideas, and other things that are random with no segue between ideas. Let's get started!

I am a big fan of mysteries, particularly those involving Sherlock Holmes and those written by Agatha Christie. Recently, I've been watching one of my favorite movies made from a Christie novel, Evil Under the Sun. Warning, this post will contain spoilers. Read no further if you have not seen the movie and would like to.

Ok, so basically the movie involves a group of people who get together at a resort. The victim, Arlena Marshall, is the bitch in residence with everyone else having a motive to kill her. So of course, she ends up kicking the proverbial bucket. As it turns out, the killer was the man she was having an affair with who was helped by his wife. Patrick was the killer, Christine was his wife. The plot is rather convoluted, but basically Christine knocked her out with a stone to the head and Patrick finished the job by strangling her. 

It turns out that Patrick also killed his wife, Alice Ruber. I would say his first wife, but she was actually his wife at the same time as Christine. Patrick was not only a killer, but also a bigamist, although his second wife, Christine, was aware of this and assisted him with his alibi for killing Alice. The affair he had with Arlena was sanctioned by Christine so they could both profit from a large diamond Arlena possessed. 

So here is what is interesting to me about all of this. What woman would ever think it was a good idea to marry a man who was a bigamist, killed his first wife, and then killed the woman he was having an affair with? Hello! You're probably next lady since this guy is obviously a sociopath who has now killed two women he was involved with. What the hell?

Lest you say this is fiction, I am reminded of the women who marry murderers on death row, some of them serial killers. That happens in real life. Crazy people out there!

I recently purchased a side plug for my bedroom. My bed has a plug behind it that I have a power strip plugged into for my computer, lamp, and so forth. Well, whenever I make the bed or the bed shifts in any way, it forces the plug out of the wall. I think it was on Pinterest that I saw the side plug idea and I couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to me sooner. I promptly purchased one and I love it! Solved the problem.

I love juice, but it tends to have a lot of calories in it. I found this one a couple of weeks ago and it's great! Very tasty and not bad in terms of calories: Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry.

OK, that's about it for random thoughts! Have a great evening all!


Kate said...

I love that book/movie!!

Lawfrog said...


Evil Under the Sun is one of my absolute favorites! I watched it as a child dozens of times and I recently downloaded it to my Kindle Fire and have watched it dozens more. I need to read the book.

Legally Lovely said...

I've never read that book, but I have a beach vacay in a little under a month and am need in some good beach reads. Maybe I'll check that one out!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I haven't read this one, but I did go through an Agatha Christie phase in high school.

Recovering Lawyer said...

Yeah, not the best idea to get involved with a man whose main hobby is knocking off the women in his life. Sounds like a good beach read, though!

Jill said...

what's that juice? I can't see the picture...