Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shellfish and Chivalry

I don't know where the time goes. I'm pretty sure it's like that whole sock in the dryer thing. It just disappears with no known explanation. I have vowed to be a better blogger this year, but I'm just going to let myself off the hook and say that if I write one post a month, that's acceptable. Any more than that and we're having a celebration for the accomplishment.

So...90 minutes doesn't necessarily seem like a long time. Unless you're on the bike at the gym with the resistance ratcheted to its highest (or high for you) level. Then, 5 minutes seems like a fracken eternity! Anyway, this evening, I called in an order to Cheddar's for lemon chicken. Drove over to pick it up. They gave me the wrong order. Instead of my lemon chicken, I was presented with fried chicken and shrimp. I am highly allergic to shellfish so that was no bueno. Good thing I checked the food before I left. They also ran my card for this order instead of my own and this order was twice as much as mine. So they fixed it, I waited around for a good 20 minutes and finally got my food.

Upon sitting in my car, getting ready to head home to enjoy said food, I turned the key and it wouldn't start. I had some battery issues last year, but had the battery checked by two separate shops and both declared that it was fit. Maybe not to run a marathon, but good enough for a 5k at least. Anyway, I realized that it's just time for a new battery because, despite it being declared relatively fit, I am tired of it periodically crapping out in the middle of the race. OK, that analogy is getting out of control, so anyway...

Some very nice gentlemen in suits stopped to help and were willing to get their hands dirty even though they certainly were not dressed for that. I am eternally grateful. Took awhile, but they got my car started. I headed over to Advance Auto Parts, purchased a new battery (bye-bye $100), they installed it for free, and I headed home. Finally, after 90 minutes, I was able to eat my dinner. The salad was lukewarm and the warm food was cold, but a few minutes in the oven and all was well again.

To the unnamed men in the Cheddar's lot who were willing to help out - THANK YOU!! Chivalry is not dead and you proved that tonight!!


Secret Agent Woman said...

Chivalry is far from dead - I've had men stop to help me more times than I can count, and I'm grateful.

Karen Peterson said...

I have been helped out by strangers several times and I am always profoundly grateful to them for their kindness. I wish there was a good way to thank people when they do things like that.