Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stealing Starbucks

So I spent the first part of the 4th of July at Starbucks being judgmental of others. There were two women and one guy sitting next to me. One of the women (Nice) was writing down the other woman's (Biatch) order for Subway, which is right across the road. Biacth was being nasty in her tone toward Nice and it made me wonder why Nice was even bothering to get Biatch a sandwich. I kind of hope Nice spit in the sandwich before bringing it back.

I was originally at the Starbucks because the Internet at my house went out. AGAIN. Fracken Charter. I am seriously getting sick of that. Anyway, Starbucks has free Internet so I headed there on July 4th to use their Internet. I did not buy anything. And yes, I felt bad for about two seconds and then I got over it. I do have some shame though. I had to leave to get a sandwich at Subway. I did not return to Starbucks with my food from another establishment. Instead, I went to another Starbucks. I am not sure if that actually qualifies as having some shame or if it qualifies as just using two Starbucks without buying anything. 

In any case, I am once again in Starbucks now using their Internet since my home Internet is out. AGAIN. And I did buy a small tea. So I can surf guilt-free. This time anyway. 


Maria said...

I'm glad you bought the tea. And you know I ADORE their green tea lattes.

Lawfrog said...


I am a huge fan of their hot Chai tea lattes! But I only allow myself to order them at Christmas. Otherwise, I'd drink them every single day, which would kill my diet.

Thank, Q said...

Gotta love free! As high as the coffees are at Starbucks, buying one cup should entitle you to 10 internet uses!

Jill said...

man, I haven't been to starbucks in YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!