Friday, August 31, 2012


This week has left me feeling rather weak. Week, weak...see what I did there? Yeah. So anyway, it started last weekend with a rather unfortunate emotionally laden event rearing its ugly head and the aftermath continued into this week. The details of said event don't matter, but the point is that it was a shit storm of anxiety, decisions on my part, thoughts of the future, and lending support to a very important person in my life while also feeling weak and drained myself. 

It was rough people. It was one of those weeks where going to work was a chore because I just felt so exhausted emotionally that I couldn't focus and couldn't work myself up to caring about anything other than basic stuff. But, I dragged myself to work and focused as much as possible. I did leave early some days and finished working from home because it was just necessary for my mental health to do so.

Now, a three-day weekend is on the horizon and this means a chance to recharge and relax. This could not have come at a better time for me. I need three solid days of recharging. I do have some things on the schedule for the weekend - meeting a new friend for coffee, doing basic chores (laundry and so on), and donating blood on Sunday. But I am taking time for myself this weekend to simply be still. I need to refill the emotional coffers so that's my plan for the weekend. 

I wish those of you in the US a very happy Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy!

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