Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

So I went to donate blood today. I started donating blood on a regular basis in October 2002. I had just started law school the previous August and the local blood bank had a blood drive at my school. I'm not sure why they believed it was a good idea to try and collect from soulless, bloodless, lawyer wanna-bes, but in any case, I lined up with several of my other classmates to let them dig in and give it a try. 

Ever since then, I have tried to donate every two months. You can donate blood every 56 days so I usually try to do it at the beginning of January and then March, May, July, September, and November. It is generally about every 60 days for me. I do not always make this goal, it depends on what is going on in my life, but if I don't do it all six times that I can, I try to make at least three. My mother has received over 25 blood transfusions in the last few years due to health issues so I feel that my donating blood is a way of showing my appreciation for all she has been given.

So today when I went to donate blood, my veins were rather angry and uncooperative. Their attitude was something akin to "We're doing our job of shuffling your blood to and fro internally where it belongs and you want us to funnel it out through some big old sharp object that totally doesn't belong here and is stuck right through the middle of us? SCREW OFF LADY!" 

There was quite a bit of needle poking and digging in my arm before my veins decided to quit being bitter. Anyway, the blood is donated, I got a small bag of Oreos and a coupon for a free pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream (aka nectar of the Gods down here in Texas) and a T-shirt. And my veins are continuing to pump blood internally so I guess they've forgiven me. 

I frequently plea with people to donate blood and this will be no exception. PLEASE -  IF YOU CAN DONATE BLOOD, DO IT!! It is such an easy way to save so many lives. 


Legally Lovely said...

I commend you for doing this! I have tried but get so queasy - I actually got a little "limp-feeling" just by reading this! In high school, I was the president of an organization and organized a blood drive. I tried so hard to give, but I couldn't get my heart rate low enough to do it - it just makes me so nervous! And, every time I go in to get blood drawn, I faint.

My two sisters are champs though - they donate ALL the time! Wish I could be brave little toasters like they (and you!) are.

Lawfrog said...

@Legally Lovely - You support the cause of giving blood and that is also to be commended! You organized a blood drive and you've tried to donate, that does make you brave! You cannot help the physical reaction you have to it! I say doing what you can do is worth celebrating and you are doing that by supporting those who do give!

Maria said...

I can't donate since I am on meds for RA, but Bing is a member of something called "the gallon club" and she can donate for both of us.