Monday, October 22, 2012

GERMANY - First Weekend

Saturday: The weekend was pretty easy going. Saturday was simple, I slept and played with Moritz, the resident house cat, surfed the Internet and just generally did a whole lot of nothing. Which is totally awesome when your life is pretty full back home. Just saying.

Sunday: The day dawned bright, clear, and warm. The morning started with a trip to the bakery for croissants and bread. It was a nice walk into town. The bakery was crowded, it's one of the few shops open on Sundays here. But the line moved quickly. We also picked up some homemade strawberry jam at the bakery. OMG, delicious!!!

View of Frankisch-Crumbach on the way down the hill.
We had breakfast and then did some laundry and had some do-nothing, listen to music time. We then took a walk to the forest area. It was a beautiful walk past vast fields with beautiful flowers, cows, and just generally gorgeous scenery. We stopped at the entrance to the forest and enjoyed the view from the gazebo there. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The walk was up a very steep hill in some parts, but it was great exercise!

We came home and listened to music, did some laundry, and puttered about. We also planned next weekend's trip to Frankfurt for shopping and the museum. Then we headed into town once again to get Döners for dinner. SO DELICIOUS!!! They give you SO much food and though I want to eat all of it, it's just not possible. We ate outside and watched people go by, just enjoying our food, the weather, and the scenery. 

The walk to the forest tired me out so I went to bed early. Starting another week now in Germany and loving every moment! 


Jillian Leigh said...

hello cat :) cute.

Legally Lovely said...

Thanks for all the bar prep advice! I'm doing the pre-application now, which maybe sounds something like your letter of intent. This was supposed to be done as a 2L, but I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to go back to Ohio, so I am doing it so, so late. Hopefully everything gets processed in time that I can still take the July bar. (just another thing to worry about) If all goes according to plan though, I'll probably take Barbri and hope for the best!!

Hope you are loving Germany. I am so jealous of your European adventures. Love the cat!!

Thank, Q said...

That's a nice photo! It reminds me of a scene from that movie Troll Hunter. Wait. They don't have trolls in Germany, do they? LOL! So, overall, it looks like a nice, relaxing place. Sometimes simple is better.