Friday, October 26, 2012

GERMANY - Week Two (Part II)

Thursday: Very early Thursday morning I awoke with severe pain. I've had this pain before and the only thing that can cure it is laying down and sleeping. So that is what I did once I took some medicine and prayed that I wouldn't die. That last part is totally necessary with this particular pain because I worry that I will die and then I hope that I will. Anyway, I spent most of the day resting. I felt better around noon, the stabbing portion of the pain had stopped, but it was still there just under the surface so I knew that this would not be a productive, get out there and do things kind of day. And that was fine. Sometimes you just need to let your body guide you. P.S. - Getting old sucks.

In the evening, I was hungry so we headed out to the local Pizzeria, which also serves my now beloved döner. Those things are God's gift to His children, folks for real! Anyway, I had a döner and Thomas had a döner pizza. About 3/4th of the way through the meal, the pain returned. We headed home shortly after that and I laid on the couch doing my convalescing thing. 

Friday: Thankfully, I felt better and was able to be more productive on this day. I headed into town and went to the bank and then the bakery, where I purchased berliners of course. And one croissant for lunch. Thomas comes home early on Fridays so we made our grocery list and headed to the discounter to do the weekly shopping. We planned dinner for next week - two meals and two sets of leftovers then probably one dinner out somewhere. We walked to the discounter and spotted a chicken truck out front. After shopping, we picked up some chicken and fries for lunch. Neither of us felt like making food for lunch because the walk to/from the grocery store was a bit rough since we were carrying our purchases and it was cold out. Really cold. My lungs think I'm trying to cryogenically preserve them.

Anyway, we returned home and ate our lunch then had an easy afternoon of hanging out. We planned our weekend trip to Frankfurt where we have some fun activities in mind. Stay tuned for the recap of those!

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Jillian Leigh said...

I pulled my neck twice before.. and back. thought I would die. I'd rather go into labor honestly.

hehe... funny seal picture :)

I'm glad you're having fun aside from the terrible day of pain.