Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life of Pi and Falling from the Sky

Thanksgiving was fantastic! My Dad came down from San Antonio and we ate (a lot), talked (a lot), saw movies (a lot), and just generally enjoyed ourselves (a lot). 

On Friday, we saw Life of Pi at the theater. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend this film. It has everything - adventure, family, spirituality  suffering, redemption, courage, joy...the list goes on and on and on. Both my Dad and I were incredibly impressed with this movie. We discussed it for two days after seeing it. 

On Saturday, we saw Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. My Dad is a huge Bond fan. I am neutral where Bond is concerned, but I enjoyed this movie. It's long at 2 hours and 23 minutes, but you honestly don't even realize it. The film moves quickly and the story is engaging and entertaining.

Dad was here from Wednesday evening until Sunday. In addition to watching movies in the theater  we also watched Charlie Chan movies at home. We both love the old mystery films. Dad also took Peanut outside on her leash several times. She loves going outside and gets mad at me because I won't take her out 150 million times an evening. She was so thrilled to hang out with Dad because he was happy to take her out as often as she wanted to go. 

After Dad left on Sunday, I prepared for the week ahead by doing laundry and cleaning up a bit. I enjoyed Thanksgiving with Dad and I look forward to the coming holidays!


Thank, Q said...

I'm also a huge Bond fan and will be seeing the movie soon. Although Daniel Craig is no Sean Connery, I think that he does a great job and could wind up as the 2nd most popular Bond of them all.

I haven't seen a Charlie Chan movie in ages. You make me want to find a DVD on Netflix and check him out again. That was good entertainment back in the day! Although his movies were made almost 40 years before I was born, I still have an appreciation for the classics!

Rebeka said...

I really want to see life of pi. I'm glad you enjoyed it; your review just confirmed my want. Maybe this weekend!