Thursday, December 27, 2012

Germany - Christmas Edition: Holidays (Dec. 24th and Dec. 25th)

Monday - Dec. 24th. Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve! In Germany, gifts are opened in the evening after dinner. We took a walk during the day to the local cemetery. I am weird in that I love cemeteries. I find them very peaceful and calming. Hopefully, the people there do as well! We continued our walk after the cemetery to the hill that overlooks the town. The photo to the right is the picture of the town I took from this viewpoint. It is beautiful!!

We spent the afternoon inside with tea and TV, just relaxing. We had a great meal of meatloaf, potatoes and corn. Then, it was gift time!! Thomas got me the perfect gifts. First, an electric blanket. I am always cold here so the blanket was a very welcome gift. Second, he had a felt artist he knows make me a frog centerpiece out of felt. SO PERFECT FOR ME! Those who know me know I love frogs and I love art. And even if you don't know me, the title of this blog should give away my amphibian adoration.

I gave Thomas a CSI: Las Vegas T-shirt and a set of four jigsaw puzzles. He loves the CSI TV Show (it is shown dubbed in German here) and he enjoys jigsaw puzzles. We were both very happy with our gifts.

Tuesday, Dec. 25th. Christmas Day.
In the middle of the night, I snuck into the living room to leave a stocking for Thomas. It is a tradition in my family to have a stocking on Christmas Day filled with candy and a small gift. There is usually also a piece of fruit, but I had to skip that for this holiday since I didn't buy any at the market when we were there before. Thomas loved the stocking! I filled it with small American candy boxes - Junior Mints, Laffy Taffy, Peanut M&Ms, Kit Kats, and Blow Pops. He was very surprised and loved it!

Thomas's grandparents called this day and asked us to come for lunch. We walked to their apartment. Lunch was venison, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. I do not like venison so I had the potatoes and mixed vegetables.

After we arrived home, Thomas began making Berliners. I napped on the couch while my wonderful man made me my favorite German pastry. They were delicious. As previously noted in this blog, Berliners are doughnuts with pudding or jam inside. I like the pudding better than the jam so he made them with pudding. I had them with hot tea. Perfect!

The rest of the evening we spent cuddling on the couch with hot tea, watching TV, playing with the cat, and talking. A perfect end to a wonderful holiday!

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Jillian Leigh said...

sounds like a very lovely christmas!! :) I remember a play I was in .... 1st or 2nd grade. I dressed up as a little german girl. and we were doing christmas around the world. Germany was my country. and my lines were:

On Christmas Eve the family gathers at home for a special dinner. A variety of mouthwatering cakes and cookies are brought out later for dessert. After dinner, the children must leave the room, while preparations are made for the rest of the evening's festivities.