Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cold Fronts and Crack Addicts (PDC Day 6 and 7 - Jan. 19th and 20th)

Bull shark waiting for me.
Saturday, January 19th: I was miserable this day because of my cold. I was sporting the drippy nose, sneezing, drippy/red eyes crack addict look. It was not pretty by any means. Dad dove with the bull sharks in the morning. I was really disappointed to miss that dive. It was the main reason we came in January since the bull sharks are around the area from December - February. I am consoling myself with the fact that I was able to do two reef and four cenote dives. Plus, this gives me a reason to return next January. The bull sharks and I will meet one day!

I did some shopping and headed to the dive shop to retrieve Dad. We came back to the hotel and had some rest time before venturing out for dinner. Dad wanted Subway so we went there first. I was a bit burnt out on Subway so I had fajitas again at Las Delicias. Excellent food there! After dinner, we headed to a shop on the corner where I picked up a couple of small items for some friends. Back at the hotel, I had the Chips Ahoy and A&W Root Beer treats I had picked up for myself earlier in the day. I headed to bed hoping for a better night's sleep than I had Friday.

Not what I ate, but close enough.
Sunday, January 20th: The better night's sleep did not materialize, but that is no surprise considering how ill I was. The day started with a big breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Mayan Bistro. I had pancakes, fruit with whipped cream, tea, toast, bacon and ham. It was around 8:30 and I knew I wouldn't eat again until at least 6 since this was the day we left Playa. Travel days are always long stretches without food so I find it important to load up in the morning before heading out.

We took a taxi to the bus station because it's cheap to do so and because my Dad did not want me to have to walk with my suitcase considering the fact that I had to blow my nose every 10 seconds and I was still sporting the crack addict look. We got to the station with plenty of time and chatted for awhile then got on the bus. 

We got to the airport and we had to split up there since Dad was heading to San Antonio on a different airline than the one taking me to Houston. I always hate the end of the vacation and having to say goodbye to Dad, but I'll see him again soon. 

Chai tea lattes are awesome!
I got into the airport and checked my bag then got a Chai tea latte at Starbucks. You can get free Internet in the Cancun airport if you buy something from Starbucks. I settled at a table to talk to my wonderful boyfriend on the computer.  He kept me company until I had to head through security and then we talked again for another 15 minutes or so before I had to go to my gate. The gate changed about four times (literally). I'm glad I didn't head to it earlier, I would have had to move anyway. 

I'll be back Playa!
I got on the plane and dozed a little bit off and on for the approximately 2-hour flight. Thankfully, when I got off the plane, passport and customs was quick. I got my suitcase really fast from baggage claim and was able to leave. I got to my car, which I had left at Preflight Parking, and drove away. I stopped by Wal-Mart for chicken and dumpling ingredients and then headed home. It was a long day that ended with me making the chicken and dumplings and relaxing at home while planning the next Mexican adventure! Stay tuned amigos! :-)


Karen Peterson said...

Aren't bull sharks supposed to be the world's deadliest shark? You're brave/crazy!

I hate flying while sick. I had to do that coming back from Argentina once. Most miserable flight of my life.

knotty said...

I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like you had a fun vacation otherwise!

Lawfrog said...

@Karen, bull sharks are considered dangerous, but diving with them generally poses no problems. There's a risk to it of course, but there are few problems with it.

So sorry you had the experience of being sick on a flight too. It's totally miserable, so with you there!

@Knotty - thank you, I am feeling better. Still have a couple more days to go before I feel semi-normal again and at least four or five before total normalcy, but I'm getting there.

S.I.F. said...

What a bummer that you were too sick to do the dive - I would have loved to do that too!

Maria said...

Chai tea lattes from Starbucks make life more bearable one every level.