Monday, January 14, 2013

Pesos and some Weeping (PDC Day 1 - Sunday, Jan. 13th)

Sunday, January 13th: I was up early and drove to the airport so I could be there two hours ahead of the 10:41 a.m. flight. International flights usually require being at the airport two hours prior to the scheduled flight. I made it through baggage check and security very quickly so I spent the waiting time surfing the net and talking online to my wonderful boyfriend in Germany. I bought a banana nut muffin before boarding the plane.

Shuttle between Terminals at Cancun Airport
The flight was easy and uneventful. The two seats next to mine were empty, which is always nice. It gave me some room to stretch out and put my stuff all over the place. The flight is a little over two hours and I spent that time watching Sex and the City, Season 2, on my laptop and drinking some hot tea as well as resting a bit here and there. The plane landed in Cancun and I made it through passport control, baggage claim, and immigration pretty quickly. I caught the shuttle bus from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 where my Dad was waiting for me. He had flown in from San Antonio and was about 30 minutes ahead of me.

Mexican Pesos
We caught the ADO bus to Playa Del Carmen. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way of traveling from Cancun to Playa. It costs $11 per person. The bus ride takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic. We made it to the bus station in Playa Del Carmen and stepped out into 5th street around 3 p.m. We found a place to change dollars to pesos and got that done. We already know what a good exchange rate is so we look for that. You can change money in the bus station itself (this is usually the best rate), but the street exchangers are comparable. NEVER change your money at the airport. It is a horrible exchange rate and you lose a lot by doing that.

Once we changed the money, we found Subway and had something to eat since we were both hungry. We followed this up by having some Dairy Queen ice cream. Neither my Dad nor I eat Dairy Queen except when we are in Playa. We love it, but it's not healthy so we save it for vacation. I had a Blizzard and Dad had a vanilla cone. Dad usually gets the chocolate dipped cone, but they were out of chocolate. This was quite a surprise to both Dad and me since that is just weird for an ice cream store.

Hotel Aventura Mexicana. You can see my room on the right.
We made our way to our hotel, Hotel Aventura Mexicana. It's beautiful and perfect for what we need since it's only a couple of blocks to Dive Shop Mexico, which is the dive shop we always use here. It's a great, family-owned, operation with some wonderful people and very experienced dive masters.

We got settled into the hotel and later in the evening decided to head to the Mega, which is the major grocery store here. We bought some water in gallon and a half jugs and then stopped at a mini-mart on the way back to get smaller water bottles so we could fill them from the jugs as needed.

The pool we swam in. 
After we returned to the hotel, we got in the pool that is right outside my room and right below Dad's room. It was SO cold! But eventually we got acclimated and spent some time lounging in the pool and chatting. After awhile, I headed back to my room and took a nice warm shower and changed into my comfy sweats and T-shirt. Later in the evening, I heard what sounded like someone weeping. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but it sounded very close. I went into the hall and found nothing. Finally, I realized it was coming from the room next door to mine. I knocked on the door and asked the woman if she was OK. She said she was. Perhaps I shouldn't have disturbed her, but I felt that she might need help so I had to ask.

Finally, after my weep patrol, I went to bed and slept well.


Karen Peterson said...

I am so envious of all your travels. I need to get away. That pool looks amazing!

Thank, Q said...

The view looked amazing! I wish I could stay in a resort like that!