Monday, January 14, 2013

That's a Moray! (PDC Day 2 - Monday, Jan. 14th)

Mayan Bistro Restaurant
Monday, January 14th: I was up and downstairs in the Mayan Bistro (hotel restaurant) to meet my Dad for 9 a.m. breakfast. He had been up earlier and had already eaten, but he had some tea while I ate. We walked back to the Mega store and also visited Wal-Mart in search of some T-shirts and granola bars. We found both. We headed back to the hotel and rested a bit before going to the dive shop around 12.

That's a Moray!
Our first dives today were reef dives. The boat takes us out into the ocean and we dive anywhere from 30-50 feet looking at reefs. Today, we saw several stingrays, two eels (one a moray), and many beautiful fish. A couple of the stingrays were a little angry that we were invading their home and they quickly scuttled off to show their bitterness, but others were passive and welcoming. I like the reefs in Cozumel better than Playa, but it's still interesting to see what hangs out under the surface of the water.

The restaurant with delicious food!
From getting to the shop to the completion of the dives is about four hours. We left the shop around 4 and headed back to the hotel for much needed showers and change of clothes. We then started walking in search of our favorite restaurant in Playa, La Vagabunda. This restaurant serves different kinds of food (chicken, beef, Mexican food) for a good price. I had a virgin strawberry margarita and filet mignon. The filet was 10 ounces so it was huge. I actually had to send it back because it was served rare when I ordered it medium well. It was so big, they had trouble cooking it all the way through. But it was delicious once it was served. After the restaurant, we had Dairy Queen again. I had the Oreo Blizzard and Dad had a tropical Blizzard. They were still out of chocolate. Weird.

After Dairy Queen, we stopped in a shop so I could buy some souvenirs and then we took some photos as we walked along 5th Street. Finally we were back at the hotel to rest because tomorrow we will be diving early in the morning. We are going to dive the Cenotes, which I really enjoy! They are beautiful!


Karen Peterson said...

Moray eels are kind of fascinating, but they totally freak me out.

Jillian Leigh said...

they have dairy queen in mexico????? WOW!! I knew they had walmarts around there... which when I 1st found that out I was floored, lol..

Maria said...

If I had gone into a Wal-Mart, I would have been missing for days. I only go there when I am desperate for something that can only be found there and then I always get sidetracked by the incredible amount of merchandise that can be purchased for pennies.

Bing refuses to go there on principle, so then I have the added problem of having to hide the Wal-Mart bags and add to my stay in purgatory after I die because of the lies I tell about where I bought said merch.

Thank, Q said...

Aren't morays dangerous? Sting rays, too? There's no way I could dive with animals. LOL! I would panic and they would sense it and maul me. LOL!