Friday, February 1, 2013

February, the Rebel!

February!! I love the month of February because my birthday is in this month and also because of Valentine's Day. The world is full of love or hope for love. I also think February is just an interesting month, sort of the rebel of the calendar what with only having 28 days and then occasionally being all wacky and having 29. 

Today is the first day of this wonderful, love-filled, wacky month and it's a Friday so that's awesome. Nothing much new in life at the moment, which is good sometimes. Well, there are a few new things such as the boilers at my apartment complex. 
For the last few weeks, the water has been tepid at best when I go to shower or take my beloved bubble baths and that just won't do! My baths are my sanctuary, they are my go-to relaxation technique, my cozy haven, my...well you get the picture. Anyway, they finally replaced the boilers yesterday and in celebration/anticipation of my first hot bubble bath in many weeks, I purchased a bubble bath recommended by a friend. It's called Dr. Teal's Foaming Milk Bath with milk and honey. It was about $4.50 at Wal-Mart. It smells delicious and it was very nice in the bath, the bubbles stayed awhile and it did soothe my skin nicely. 

After the bath, I took a nice nap on the bed on which I had put the freshly washed sheet and comforter this evening. The bad cold I had has cleared up basically, but I am still dragging with some residual fatigue and general weakness. Also, I started taking some prescription meds today for a stomach thing and those were messing with me a bit this afternoon, making me feel weak and a bit out of sorts. So the nap was delicious! 

My plan for this weekend is to sleep. That is pretty much it. I've been on the go this week with working, meeting a friend for lunch Tuesday, meeting a friend for dinner Thursday, and trying to get life stuff done. This is rough when you aren't feeling that great. My wonderful boyfriend has been very loving and sweet so that helps a lot and my Dad has been awesome as well. I have great men in my life, I am very blessed! 

So, this weekend the goal is to get over this weak/fatigue/dragging my body through life feeling left over from that nasty cold I had. There may be some pizza involved in all of this...because that too helps in healing, I am convinced!


Karen Peterson said...

Pizza is definitely good medicine!

I love February too, because my birthday is also in February. I could do without the icky love stuff though. ;-)

Lawfrog said...

Karen, when is your birthday?