Monday, February 25, 2013

Hanging Out at the Bar

Tomorrow, the bar exam begins across the country. It's offered across the nation in February and July. The length of it varies by state. In Texas, it's three days. I took the Texas Bar Exam in February 2005 and passed it on my first try. I am proud of this, but I will say that prayer and the grace of God made that possible because it was quite a trial (I know, I know, the pun is just too funny).

Anyway, I know some people who read my blog are taking the exam in various states beginning tomorrow. Right now, your eyes are bugging out of your head and are completely dry because you haven't blinked since beginning bar prep in December. You may or may not have showered since then either. Whatever the case, I offer this, which I posted on Facebook today:

Best of luck to bar exam takers tomorrow! Let's face it, nothing anyone says is going to calm the butterflies in your stomach who are not really butterflies, but actually wasps who have built a huge nest in there. I know that's how you feel now so let's go with it. may feel that way on the inside, but this needs to be you on the outside:

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knotty said...

I have an old friend who is a law librarian. She took the bar twice and failed both times by nine points. I think she finally passed it on the third try. She is extremely smart, so I'm thinking that must be a very hard test. The first time she took it, though, was right after she lost her father to cancer.

I never got around to taking the licensing exam for social work because right after I finished school, I moved to Virginia which didn't offer the exam I was prepared to take. Plus, I didn't think I'd need to be licensed because I didn't intend to do any jobs that were social work oriented (because I had also gotten a public health degree and wanted to lean in that direction). As it turned out, I ended up a housewife, but I don't think taking the exam would have changed that.

Anyway... good luck to everyone taking the bar or any other licensure exam! You're braver than I was!