Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Were Here

I watched a documentary tonight on Netflix called We Were Here, the story of gay men in San Francisco at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. The documentary tells the very moving, personal stories of men in the community who were affected and infected by this horrible disease. 

Although it is commonly thought that AIDS started out as a “gay problem,” the truth is that it was never a gay problem, it was and is a human problem. Anytime a disease wipes out our fellow human beings, no matter what their sexual orientation, we must all come together and be there for those affected. Thank God for the men and women who stepped up, fought their fear of an unknown, terrifying illness, and entered the trenches to help their fellow human beings. They are the unsung heroes of a horrible epidemic that is still with us today and they are a reminder to be there when you are needed. 

Be the person who steps in and makes life easier for those in peril. None of us are immune and all of us need the compassion and love of those around us. 


Emily said...

I definitely want to watch that. For one of my classes during my last semester, I have been doing a project on Planned Parenthood, Sex, Birth Control, and STDS...and why those things cannot be talked about freely. Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend :)

Karen Peterson said...

I remember "very special" episodes of some of my favorite TV shows back in the 80s that were teaching about AIDS and why we shouldn't be afraid of people who have it. I'm glad the world has grown up since then.