Thursday, April 18, 2013

April is the Cruelest Month - T.S. Eliot

I think April is bitter. Maybe it's because it has all the rain. Or maybe it's because April is sometimes that in-between time from Winter to Spring and no one really likes it. Or maybe April has been angry ever since Hitler was born this month and now it's just letting go of even trying to be nice. I don't know. But this week alone has been tragic in many ways:

1. Monday, April 15, 2013: Bombs explode at the Boston Marathon, killing three, injuring dozens more.

2. Tuesday, April 16, 2013: Sixth anniversary of the Virginia Tech school shooting.

3. Wednesday, April 17, 2013: Explosion at a West, Texas fertilizer plant. Many presumed dead, many injuries.

4. Saturday, April 20, 2013: 14th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting. Also, the day Hitler was born. 

If anything happens today or tomorrow, I'm going to be very bitter myself. Yesterday, I also found out that one of my law school classmates was in a terrible bicycle accident and has been in a coma for the last 10 days. I was not particularly close to this woman, but law school classes are divided into small sections. There were 80 people in our section so we all knew one another, if not well at least we knew of each other and we have been very supportive of each other in many ways. Hearing that one of our own has had a terrible accident is hard. 

In addition to the events listed above, these are other historical events that occurred in April:

April 4, 1968: Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated.

April 11, 1970: Houston, we have a problem. Apollo 13 oxygen tank explodes.

April 15, 1912: Titanic sinks.

April 18, 1906: San Francisco earthquake kills 4,000 people.

April 19, 1993: Waco compound of David Koresh seized, 82 people die.

April 19, 1995: Oklahoma City federal building bombed. 

April 26, 1986: Nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes. Many killed, massive injuries that continue for decades afterwards.

April 29, 1992: Riots erupt in California when the Rodney King verdict is announced. 

Seriously April? GO HOME, YOU SUCK!


knotty said...

It's very weird how April has had so many tragedies over the years. I sure hope to get through this month alive.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, for such a beautiful month, it sure is filled with sadness and bad things.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I bet you could generate a similar list for any month of the year. It reminds me of a study that showed women commit half their murders the week before and the week of their periods. Yeah, half the murders on 14 of 28 days.

Me, I love April. Love it. We've finally left winter fully behind and Spring is fully underway.