Saturday, April 20, 2013


I’m going to go ahead and say it – please remember that the man they've arrested in Boston is a SUSPECT. He has not been found guilty of the bombings. I am inclined to believe he did it, but then I've also seen innocent people convicted by overwhelming circumstantial evidence. I know as a lawyer and a former journalist that all the facts are not often revealed and some of what is reported is totally false.

SO…I would urge everyone to calm down and take a breath. Let’s not convict anyone in the media or in our own minds simply because we want to feel like we’re once again safe


Thank, Q said...

Amen! People don't realize that the media tries these people and find them guilty in the court of opinion. We should definitely let the process run its course to determine guilt or not.

Secret Agent Woman said...

It's a real problem, I think - because how could any jury be unbiased with all the coverage?