Sunday, April 21, 2013

Work It!

We all have sites we visit often such as Facebook or Youtube. But there are some other cool sites out there that I visit so I thought I would share these in a post. These are work-related except for the last one and could be helpful to others:

1. Ask a Manager. This site is written by a former manager of a non-profit and she answers business-related questions about everything from resumes to office politics. Other readers respond in the comments as well so it's a good site to get some advice on everything work-related.

2. Small Business Blog. Several business owners write in different blogs on this site about business-related issues. Interesting to get work-related insight from the top. 

3. Not Always Working. Stories of bad customer service, bad bosses, and bad co-workers.

4. Great articles on workplace issues.

5. Overheard in the Office. Funny site of things people have overheard in their offices.

6. Lifehacker. Tips and tricks for getting things done!


Jillian DeMarco said...

i have some favorites, too! more for my personal growth.

Maria said...

I can't wait to take a peek...