Friday, May 31, 2013

May Days

May has always been a good month for me. So many great things have happened to me in May. I stopped to reflect on this earlier in the month and I realized just how awesome this month has been historically:

1. I found out I was accepted to my first choice law school in May (2002).

2. I took my very first trip to Cozumel in May (2004).

3. I found out I passed the bar exam on the first try in May (2005).

4. I graduated law school in May. (2005).

5. I graduated with my M.A. in May (2011).

6. I took my second trip to Cozumel in May (2011).

7. My wonderful, amazing, incredible boyfriend has arrived from Germany to visit me! (2013). 

I am so excited to have Thomas here with me! I picked him up from the airport this afternoon and took him to Golden Corral for his very first dinner in Texas. He has been to America before, but never to Texas, and his last trip to the states was over 15 years ago. We have some great things planned, but for now my sweet, wonderful, love of my life is sleeping. He's been up for over 24 hours now with the travel time to the airport in Germany and the flight itself. 

I know from my own trips to Germany that a good night's rest on the first evening can really help the jet lag. So tomorrow he will be feeling better. Our first full day will be an easy one. We're going food shopping and we may lay out by the pool at the apartment. Nothing major planned, but we do have some fun things coming up so stay tuned!


Thank, Q said...

Wow. May is great for you! I wonder if I have a month like that when everything went right?

S.I.F. said...

So exciting! Hope you guys have a great visit!

Maria said...

How did you meet?

Lawfrog said...

Thanks SIF, we are having a great time together!

@Maria - we met on the Internet, on a social networking site for Germans. I was on there to connect with some family friends who are German and I randomly came across Thomas. We started talking and really hit it off. :)