Thursday, May 2, 2013

Viva La Fiesta - Photo Edition!

The fish protecting The Alamo

Flowers at The Alamo

Dad at an Alamo Memorial

Flags at the Fiesta Gartenfest

Dad under the archway of Market Square

One of the floats we saw in the street heading for the parade

Dad and Peanut in front of the Brackenridge Eagle train

Brackenridge Park river.

The family at Brackenridge Park

Entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden

Waterfalls at the Japanese Tea Garden

Beautiful flowers in front of the Japanese Tea Garden


Jillian DeMarco said...

hehehe.. the fish protecting the Alamo!

love the picture of the whole family! and peanut!

Karen M. Peterson said...

The Japanese Tea Garden looks so beautiful.

Thank, Q said...

Great photos!