Friday, June 21, 2013

Under Da Sea in Mexico (PDC, June 18/19, 2013)

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013
We started the day with breakfast at Mayan Bistro. I ate way too much, which was a mistake. I had two sausages, several pieces of toast, and a couple of pieces of banana bread, plus some tea and juice. I should have known better than to eat that way when I’m diving in the morning, but live and learn.

We headed to the dive shop and got ready for our first dive of the day. This was Thomas’s first dive in the ocean. I was so excited to be diving with him. He had to do some exercises for his scuba certification while we were in the water. Our first dive was at a reef where we saw some eels and beautiful fish and coral. Then, during the break before the second dive, my stomach was feeling mutinous. This is what happens when I eat too much before diving. But I was OK with some rest.

Thomas makes his first descension
to the bottom of the sea
The second dive was very interesting. We descended to the bottom and Thomas completed some of the exercises he had to do as part of his certification. Then, we started swimming. And swimming. And swimming. The current was rough and we were swimming against it. We made very little progress and we couldn’t see a reef anywhere. Our dive master ascended twice to the top of the water. We later found out she was looking for our boat. The second time she ascended, she gave us the signal to stay where we were. 

Usually, when the dive master ascends, the rest of us do as well. But we stayed on the bottom and we held hands to try to stay in place because the current was so strong. Finally, the dive master gave us the signal to ascend and we did so. We floated for awhile on the top of the water waiting for our boat to come get us. Usually, the boat is very nearby our ascension spot, but the strong current had caused us to drift way off our course so the boat was across the water where we should have been. It was a good exercise for us in that we know we can handle some difficult circumstances under water. That is a very valuable thing for a scuba diver.

We got back to the hotel and Thomas and I decided to have a snack at the hotel restaurant. It turned out to be way more food than I thought it would be. Thomas had the Mayan cheeseburger and I had the beef burrito. It was a lot more food than I needed since I just wanted a snack, but it was OK.

Later, I had a nap and then Thomas and I headed to Las Delicias, which is my favorite place in Playa for fajitas. I had fajitas and Thomas had the tampiquena. We finished the evening walking down 5th Avenue, buying some post cards and taking photos. It was a nice evening with my amazing Thomas!!

We were up early again this morning. We had a leisurely breakfast before heading to the dive shop. I had two granola bars and some tea. I learned from yesterday’s mistake of eating too much before hitting the water. We walked over to the dive shop and got ready to head out to the dive site.

Here Fishie, Fishie
Today, we dove two reefs and it was amazing!! We saw sting rays, amazing schools of fish, a lion fish, and a huge turtle. The turtle was amazing, so incredible to see it under the water. Thomas finished his open water exercises and was certified as a scuba diver today! I am so proud of him!!

We returned to the hotel and I took a shower and then a nap. We headed to Karen’s Restaurant with my Dad where we all had great food. Thomas and I had the filet mignon and my Dad had the chicken. We talked for awhile at the restaurant and then headed to the Mega store where we got some water and M&Ms. OK, and also a Snickers Bar. And a couple of ice cream cones. But that’s all, I swear. Oh wait, we also bought a coconut.

We then headed back to the hotel where we will rest for the evening because tomorrow, we ride! Horses that is!

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knotty said...

Scuba diving looks like so much fun but I wonder how I would handle it. I have a hard enough time with snorkeling! Always feel like I'm going to gag!