Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wondering Wednesday

Three of my recent wondering thoughts:

In my head, I have a sort of age limit that I've set where, if I reach that age, I'm giving up on healthy living
40 more years and it's you and me M&Ms! 
and good decisions and instead doing whatever the hell I want to. I'm eating junk food every day. That's my goal in life right there folks, to live long enough to start eating junk food every day and not caring. Right now, that age is set around 75. Depending on how things go in the next few years, I may move it to 60. Anyone else have a "I'm giving up and doing whatever the hell I want" age in their heads?

I am amazed sometimes at how often we all repeat poor choices. Almost everyone knows that famous Einstein quote "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." We all need to start internalizing that. If someone continually rebuffs your efforts, stop making the effort! This is true in family relationships, friendships, work, etc. Just stop. I know people who not only won't stop, but will complain about how their efforts aren't being returned or received well. Seriously? YOU are the problem here, not the other person. When someone has shown you who/what they are, believe them. (Paraphrasing the amazing Maya Angelou there). If someone has shown they are not open to your efforts, quit continuing those efforts and for God's sake, don't ramp up the effort because at some point, you just look like a harassing stalker. Let go and move on.

If someone you know is a job seeker, it is not at all helpful to tell that person to get a job at McDonald's or some other fast food restaurant. I was having this discussion the other day with some friends and we've all been in the position of searching for jobs and been told to just "flip burgers" because a paycheck is better than no paycheck. 

So yeah, here's the thing...have you recently tried to get a job at McDonald's? If not, you wouldn't realize that McDonald's doesn't just hire everyone who comes in off the street. They frequently hire teenagers and college students or people who have worked in food service in the last few years. Teens and college students have much more flexible schedules in general and can often afford the lower wage because they have a second income source (parents or student loans in many cases). Come in there with an application that says you have a degree or you previously have office/desk job experience and you are much less likely to get a job there. Many people offer the solution of removing that degree or experience. OK, but then how to explain the massive gap that creates in your employment history? 

I know people who have tried to get a job in food service just to have a paycheck coming in and they were rebuffed. This is not an issue of "I'm too good for that kind of work" for a lot of people. This is an issue of "I can't get that job because I'm massively overqualified and they refuse to hire me." It's also an issue of the number of people applying for those jobs. As with other employment, there are 100s of people applying for a relatively small number of jobs.

My point being that it's important to realize that "just work at McDonald's" is not the answer for everyone who is unemployed and spouting that is supremely annoying. I've been in the position of taking work anywhere and everywhere and I've done it. Not a sense of entitlement here, just a sense of the reality that McDonald's is not the answer to the job hunter's prayer. 


S.I.F. said...

The whole being overqualified thing is what left so many out of work for so long when everything went to crap. People couldn't get jobs, because hiring managers didn't want to hire someone who would constantly be looking for other opportunities. It's a totally double edged sword!

Moonboots said...

Yes I do have a doing what the hell I want point. It is currently in my head at around 75 and it may involve more than just eating what I want.

knotty said...

Well said. And in my case, you know why!

As for doing whatever the hell I want... Yup.

I'm only 41, though.

kj said...

Hello, I'm here from Maria's and the Japanese terror :-)

My threshold is not an age: it's an illness. Give me a base diagnosis and the m & m's appear. And cookie dough ice cream