Sunday, November 17, 2013

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, but How Do You Leave a Friend?

In my latest article, I discuss how to end a friendship. There is a ton of information around on how to end a romantic relationship, but disentangling yourself from a friendship is uncharted territory. This week, my article gives you a map. 

How To End a Friendship


knotty said...

Good topic. As you know, it came up for me last month. I think my departure from the friendship started out as a slow fade and then became a Houdini. But… oddly enough, I don't really miss my former friend much. It's been many years since we were close. I'm sorry we didn't have the kind of relationship that was mutual and genuine, but I'm more sorry that I invested as much time as I did in that friendship, which turned out to be pretty toxic.

Lawfrog said...

Sometimes you don't miss the person much or at all and that is normal too especially when you've realized the relationship was toxic for most or all of the friendship. That said, it's not unusual to feel those twinges of "I miss hanging out with so and so" so I include that in the article to be sure people know it's OK to feel that way and it doesn't mean you should get back into the friendship.

knotty said...

Yeah, that's definitely happened to me with other people who have faded out of my life. Sometimes I still think about them and wonder what they're up to.