Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Season of Winter

A poem by a high school classmate's mother who passed away 22 years ago. She wrote this in 1977 and I must share it for all of us who are going through a season of winter in so many ways.

A storm came through our garden once;
it shred and broke and tore,
Til all that lay within its path
was shaken o'er and o'er

Then firmly called the sun for quiet;
it shushed the wind and held the rain;
Then gently wrapped the fraught creation
with harm and healing arms again

After days of loving comfort,
timid shoots of green peeked through,
And gentle colors shyly opened,
promise of a deeper hue

When seasons changed, a passerby
beheld a two-faced view ---
Of rain-thrashed trees and battered shrubs,
yet also growth, alive and new

The Husbandman has placed His servants
within a garden, precious, rare
To labor, pray, rejoice, and weep
o'er every branch he's planted there.

Our Father also knew before
that violent, unrelenting rains,
Sweeping o'er his precious vineyard
would bring wreckage, sorrow, pain

But far beyond, the Keeper knew
the storm would more than havoc sow;
For rains that plunder stiffened branches
cause the yielding ones to grow.

~ Barbara Perkins