Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our New Baby!

We weren't planning on a second child, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball so we'd like to introduce you to Lucy, our 12-week old new addition :)

Our sweet almost 8-year-old first child, Peanut, was out on patrol with her daddy when she noticed Lucy who ran into the laundry room. Of course, my wonderful husband could not leave her there so he brought her home and texted me at work to tell me that he had found her. I got home and we both felt that Lucy was meant to be ours. She had clearly been out there for awhile, she had fleas and little patches of fur missing, infectious pus pockets on her stomach, plus her tail was broken. Someone had tried to dock it by tying a rubber band around it most likely. She was emaciated and scared. She cowered when anyone tried to pick her up. 

We took her to the vet, got her examined and started on some meds for hookworms and fleas. She was bathed and now, three weeks into being in her new home and family, she's doing great! She gained two pounds, her skin cleared up, the fleas are gone and she doesn't cower anymore. She knows she's safe and loved!