Saturday, December 19, 2015

Women Friends

By Pamela J. DeRoy 

There are few, if any, relationships that can top having wonderful women friends. They love you unequivocally, they provide a soft place to land, they take your side and they love being with you - and the wonderful thing is, that is how you feel about them too. They don’t criticize, they don’t cheat, they don’t feel superior to you, they praise you and, if there’s a crisis, they’re the first ones to be there for you. 

Women friends are more precious than any worldly riches. They walk in your shoes, they understand you and they love you anyway. I wouldn’t trade a single one of my friends for the handsomest, sexiest, most intelligent man around! Women friends have staying power - they don’t pout, they don’t boss you around. Women friends send you encouraging hand written notes or e-mail messages, they call to see how you’re doing and they’re enthusiastic about getting together with you. Long live women friends and friendships."

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'm Here

“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you.” - Frida Kahlo -

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Giving Tree

Last year, I did a Facebook Giving Tree where people privately messaged me with needs they had for the holiday season. Thanks to the generosity of my friends, we were able to provide a great Christmas for a family in need and one I've known for many years.

This year, I decided to set up an account to make it easier for those who want to participate and I'm starting it early too in the hopes that we can fulfill more holiday wishes. If you'd like to participate, please click on the link below and donate. It's very much appreciated!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Are you really pro-life?

I love this because it's so true. I am pro-choice, but this article makes a lot of good points regarding the difference between pro-life and anti-abortion. Worth reading!

Are You Really Pro-Life?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Breathe Fire!

HELL YES!! I love this and must share it. Thanks to Jessica Krammes Kirkland for writing this. 

I know everybody is laughing about this Josh Duggar story. Oh, a DUGGAR on Ashley Madison, it's so rich! I wish more people would talk about Anna. I normally keep things light on Facebook, but let's talk about Anna. Let me tell you: Anna Duggar is in the worst position she could possibly be in right now. Anna Duggar was crippled by her parents by receiving no education, having no work experience (or life experience, for that matter) and then was shackled to this loser because his family was famous in their religious circle. Anna Duggar was taught that her sole purpose in life, the most meaningful thing she could do, was to be chaste and proper, a devout wife, and a mother. Anna Duggar did that! Anna Duggar followed the rules that were imposed on her from the get-go and this is what she got in reward- a husband who she found out, in the span of 6 months, not only molested his own sisters, but was unfaithful to her in the most humiliating way possible. While she was fulfilling her "duty" of providing him with four children and raising them. She lived up to the standard that men set for her of being chaste and Godly and in return, the man who demanded this of her sought women who were the opposite. "Be this," they told her. She was. It wasn't enough.

What is Anna Duggar supposed to do? She can't divorce because the religious environment she was brought up would blame her and ostracize her for it. Even if she would risk that, she has no education and no work experience to fall back on, so how does she support her kids? From where could she summon the ability to turn her back on everything she ever held to be sacred and safe? Her beliefs, the very thing she would turn to for comfort in this kind of crisis, are the VERY REASON she is in this predicament in the first place. How can she reconcile this? Her parents have utterly, utterly failed her. Think of this: somewhere, Anna Duggar is sitting in prayer, praying not for the strength to get out and stand on her own, but for the strength to stand by this man she is unfortunately married to. To lower herself so that he may rise up on her back.

As a mother of daughters, this makes me ill. Parents, WE MUST DO BETTER BY OUR DAUGHTERS. Boys, men, are born with power. Girls have to command it for themselves. They aren't given it. They assume it and take it. But you have to teach them to do it, that they can do it. We HAVE to teach our daughters that they are not beholden to men like this. That they don't have to marry a man their father deems "acceptable" and then stay married to that man long, long after he proved himself UNACCEPTABLE. Educate them. Empower them. Give them the tools they need to survive, on their own if they must. Josh Duggar should be cowering in fear of Anna Duggar right now. Cowering. He isn't, but he should be. He should be quaking in fear that the house might fall down around them if he's in the same room as she. Please, instill your daughters with the resolve to make a man cower if he must. To say "I don't deserve this, and my children don't deserve this." I wish someone had ever, just once, told Anna she was capable of this. That she knew she is. As for my girls, I'll raise them to think they breathe fire.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Two Years

Meine Süße Igel,
Two years ago today, I said I do to standing by your side through the hard times, I said I do to holding you close when sorrow hit, to hugging you tight when you are filled with joy, to making sacrifices together for our greater goals, to listening and understanding you, to caring for you when you are sick, to loving you through grumpy moods and the trials of life. And you said I do to all of those things too. We are not young newlyweds. We’ve had lives before ours together. We know what heartbreak is. We know what pain is. We know what it means to be at your absolute best and worst. And now, together, we know what love is. What joy is. What happiness is. I find all of these things by your side. And I am so proud to be your wife. Always and forever.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Soul Mom

I just want to give a shout out today to the moms whose children are not with them. Perhaps because they made the selfless choice of adoption, perhaps because their child passed away, perhaps because of some other, equally difficult, reason. To me, these women are soul moms. In the deepest part of their souls, they are connected to the children whose hands they cannot hold. To those mothers, I wish you peace on this day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Layers

I have walked through many lives,  
some of them my own,  
and I am not who I was,  
though some principle of being  
abides, from which I struggle  
not to stray.  
When I look behind,  
as I am compelled to look  
before I can gather strength  
to proceed on my journey,  
I see the milestones dwindling  
toward the horizon  
and the slow fires trailing  
from the abandoned camp-sites,  
over which scavenger angels  
wheel on heavy wings.  
Oh, I have made myself a tribe  
out of my true affections,  
and my tribe is scattered!  
How shall the heart be reconciled  
to its feast of losses?  
In a rising wind  
the manic dust of my friends,  
those who fell along the way,  
bitterly stings my face.  
Yet I turn, I turn,  
exulting somewhat,  
with my will intact to go  
wherever I need to go,  
and every stone on the road  
precious to me.  
In my darkest night,  
when the moon was covered  
and I roamed through wreckage,  
a nimbus-clouded voice  
directed me:  
“Live in the layers,  
not on the litter.”  
Though I lack the art  
to decipher it,  
no doubt the next chapter  
in my book of transformations  
is already written.  
I am not done with my changes. 
~ Stanley Kunitz  
"The Layers" 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Celebrating 39 years of life today. Happy to have another year to live, laugh, and love. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

What a difference a year makes!

Life really changed for us in 2014 in so many ways:

I changed jobs and finally found the one I love and am thriving in.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in August and my husband's birthday as well.

Mom came to stay with us for awhile so she can get the excellent health care provided here in Houston.

We decided a second child was a good idea in October after God dropped her in our path.

We celebrated mom's birthday in November followed by Thanksgiving later that month.

We had a wonderful Christmas together.

We finished the major portion of the immigration process for my husband. Hoping to complete it totally by the end of January.

So much to be thankful for, I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings God has given this year. I have my amazing husband, my wonderful mother, my two sweet fur babies and a job I love. Life is good.