Friday, August 21, 2015

Two Years

Meine Süße Igel,
Two years ago today, I said I do to standing by your side through the hard times, I said I do to holding you close when sorrow hit, to hugging you tight when you are filled with joy, to making sacrifices together for our greater goals, to listening and understanding you, to caring for you when you are sick, to loving you through grumpy moods and the trials of life. And you said I do to all of those things too. We are not young newlyweds. We’ve had lives before ours together. We know what heartbreak is. We know what pain is. We know what it means to be at your absolute best and worst. And now, together, we know what love is. What joy is. What happiness is. I find all of these things by your side. And I am so proud to be your wife. Always and forever.